Giland was invited to attend the 2022adidas global supply partners online summit

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On June 14, 2022, Adidas Adidas equipment supplier \\x26amp; The online global summit of partners was successfully held, and Zhineng giland, as a designated sewing equipment manufacturer brand, was invited to participate!

     2022年6月14日,阿迪达斯adidas设备供应商合作伙伴线上全球峰会圆满召开全球200家战略合作伙伴受邀参加。织能GILAND 作为指定服装智能化设备供应商品牌受邀参加,会上重点推出产线模板工艺解决方案。由于疫情原因,本次会议转入线上举办。

    On June 14, 2022, the adidas Adidas equipment supplier amp; partner online global summit was successfully held, 200 strategic partners around the world were invited to participate. Zhineng giland, as a designated supplier of intelligent clothing equipment, was invited to participate in the meeting, which focused on the introduction of production line template process solutions. Due to the epidemic situation, the meeting was held online.



Adidas Adidas is an international high-end sports brand and one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Adidas has a very long history in the sports field. As a century old brand, it leads the global clothing production field and verifies the slogan: everything is possible! From digitalization, automation, intelligentization, templating, continuous innovation, and climbing to the top!



This time, Mr. Chen, who is in charge of the overseas market of GILAND Group, introduced the XY series products and the display of the new production line template, listed a large number of customer landing cases, and strived to achieve 80% process template for the whole garment. The speech at the meeting reflected the solid R amp; D strength and technical advantages of GILAND.The participantsfelt the determination of GILANDto accelerate the intelligent transformation of global garment factories!


Since 2018, the summit has been held once a year in major countries of origin. As a long-term partner, Zhineng has participated in the summit for many times and has in-depth cooperation and exchanges with Adidas Adidas.







     At the end of the meeting, Mr. Pan, global vice president of Adidas, made a perfect summary and spoke highly of GILAND's speech! GILANDteam will continue to move forward and continue to provide advanced and scientific solutions for global garment factories in terms of automation equipment, process and data intelligence!