Cisma2021 comes to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your trust and support

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Giland-cisma China International Sewing Equipment Expo ends today. We look forward to seeing you next time!!!


Smart manufacturing, smart, smart convergence - this CISMA exhibition ends today
Reviewing the whole exhibition, the flow of visitors kept shuttling. Zhineng's booth has always been a popular gathering place, with surging crowds and enthusiasm!



Zhineng passed this opportunity

It is comprehensively displayed to users and audiences at home and abroad

Knitting, shuttle weaving, template machine series and other automatic sewing equipment

And MES, NK superovulation and a series of intelligent system software

It expresses our determination to accelerate the intelligent transformation of global garment factories





Zhineng thanks every friend who trusts and supports us

We will continue to innovate products as always

Provide more professional services for our customers

Looking forward to seeing you next time