The 17th Shenzhen fashion exchange is in full bloom

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This year\'s Shenzhen Clothing Fair continued to integrate high-quality resources to create an independent original designer showroom, including xshowroom tudooshowroom dfoshowroom cloud Clothing Fair, the global fashion online gathering independent designer platform, Zhishang Lihe cowboy club and other designer collection platforms, which collected more than 500 independent original designer brands

On the morning of July 6, the 17th China (Shenzhen) international brand clothing trade fair was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and 2017 Shenzhen international textile fabrics and Accessories Expo was held at the same time. During the period from July 6 to 8, this clothing trade fair gathered more than 1000 exhibitors and well-known designers from more than 10 countries and regions in the seven exhibition halls with an area of 90000 square meters, presenting a unique fashion feast for the world.

As one of the largest and most influential fashion events in the Asia Pacific region, this year's Shenzhen Fashion Fair takes "cross-border integration • exquisite life" as the theme, and "technology driven, original design" as the leading role. Through the integration of cross-border resources in fashion related industry chains, it comprehensively shows the new trends of international and local fashion, promotes cutting-edge and cutting-edge, integrates fashion and technology, inheritance and innovation, It will present a new picture of "fashion leads life and innovation drives the future".

Lin Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and head of the United Front Work Department; Chen Biao, deputy mayor of Shenzhen; Wang Tiankai, former president of China Textile Industry Federation, Zhang Li, senior consultant, Xu Yingxin, vice president, Wang Yao, director of all China Business Information Center, and Su Baoyan, former vice president of China Fashion Designers Association; Zhang Liren, member of the Party group and Secretary of the Party committee of Shenzhen economic, trade and Information Technology Commission, Hou Hai, member of the Standing Committee of the Longgang District Committee and head of the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen, Zhang Zhouxing, assistant to the mayor of Longhua District, Shenzhen, and Chen Yangshan, the mayor of Yudu County, Jiangxi Province; Liu Zhen, Secretary General of the Shenzhen Federation of design and art, Wu Hong, Dean of the school of art and design of Shenzhen University, Yang Qibin, chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Fang Jianfu, chairman of the Macao Fashion Designers Association, Francisco, representative of the Italian luxury goods association in China, Shen Yongfang, chairman of the Shenzhen fashion industry association, and other guests attended the opening ceremony. Minister Lin Jie announced the opening, Together, we witnessed the smooth opening of the 17th Shenzhen Service Fair!

This Clothing Fair brings together more than 1000 participating brands around the world, presenting the forefront of the fashion industry. Marisfrolg. Su, hurst, Yiner Yiner, insun Enshang, Psalter poem, song of song, obbligato origamo, XII basket twelve baskets, mymo, M HiTi Xiyu, beyringer Bellinger, kodice, La pay-p, Hemu, distinct kiddy Dikai, kaltendin caldenton, sanmiano, mingyuehe, ZIMMUR, PI parka, Heyi creative, tony&tony's and many other domestic first-line well-known brands are not only successful examples of improving the soft power of brand culture, but also will drive more clothing brands to the commanding height of development.

The international influence of Shenzhen Service Fair continues to increase, and more international brands choose the service fair as the best platform to land in the Chinese market, superimposing and amplifying the brand influence. The Korean exhibition group composed of more than 100 exhibitors has entered overseas exhibition areas for three times; IBIC has joined hands with Le tonerre, loris Diran, rejina Pyo, soocha, and Charles Youssef, the five international designer brands favored by Lady Gaga, Anne Lin bridal, Australian fashion women's asilio, and New York buyer brand few mode, to bring international fashion trends.

This year's Shenzhen Clothing Fair will continue to integrate high-quality resources to create an independent original designer showroom, including X showroom, tudoo showroom, DFO showroom, yunshang fair global fashion online, judao independent designer platform, Zhishang Lihe, cowboy club and other designer integration platforms, with more than 500 independent original designer brands. Damo Wang, linaz, azfusion, RxP, Zola Muke, poreal Xue, Shan Xi, Suoyi, in jocosist Li Jing, Hua mushen, juetong, liyihan, ESA Liang, Ning Ning, unilateral, reading clothes for ten years, jiandanfeng, filosofy, youyou Qiming, Baiqiang Road, del Chen, unidirectional degree, Mao Mart home and many other independent original designers annotate the trend ideas of the new generation with their own design styles.

Together with more than 100 original designers of golden seed around the world, diexun fashion ecocenter has built an integrated global fashion industry ecological chain through intelligent interconnection to realize designers' rapid response to the needs of the consumer market. "Black technology" such as intelligent shopping guide robot, intelligent electronic business card and intelligent electronic exhibition guide map also appeared on the same stage.

What is particularly noteworthy is that in order to promote the "zero distance" contact between the audience and the life of fashion technology, high-tech and Internet enterprises such as Huawei, Yatong, cloud clothing customization, Yuncheng commerce, Buyi technology, cloud dream, cloud smart fashion, Tak show, etc. are specially invited to explore the possibility of cross-border links between high-tech and fashion. Among them, in the "Longgang fashion life Museum", two theme exhibition areas, "Shenzhen Henggang glasses" and "fashion technology life" are carefully set up. Huawei terminal company, a leading company in the field of science and technology, first intervened in the business model of "fashion life hall". Through the demonstration and experience of Huawei terminal products, it fully demonstrated that science and technology led fashion by integrating glasses, clothing, home furnishings, jewelry and other exhibition brands; Martino's light luxury women's clothing kodice, art women's clothing brand distinct kid Dikai, high-end cheongsam brand Tang Song, and the original design women's clothing drying field brought the collision of eastern and Western clothing culture, and moved the fashionable wardrobes full of moving and surprise to the exhibition site; Vr virtual reality experience area is also set up on site, which uses new technology to lead the audience into the future creative home space; Tomfeel, which focuses on art design and customization services, uses the most cutting-edge parametric modeling and 3D three-dimensional sculpture technology to bring abstract and modern style works of art.

In addition, the "creative Pavilion of Dalang fashion town" also carries out a series of distinctive exhibitions and fashion activities in combination with the development orientation of building a "characteristic fashion town" in Longhua District. Many domestic well-known brands, such as any-all inevitable, hoyugo rainbow Hugo, Sanmiao, ounafei, raphenny La Funi, wonder foundation, sanpro Sanpo, Dalila telina, collide with urban trends with their unique styles. A number of cutting-edge design works at home and abroad will be released at the small exhibition hall in the museum every day, so that the audience can encounter different original design forces, and show the avant-garde image of Dalang fashion Town, which is more international, more fashionable and more yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Yudu County, Jiangxi Province, an important women's clothing manufacturing base in China, launched a series of "Yudu Fashion Museum" activities with the theme of "finding the source of the dream Long March, fashion new Yudu" at this clothing fair. Relying on its unique location and policy advantages, Yudu county has introduced more than 60 nationally influential clothing brands such as wingaid, Ou Shili, Ge Di, Anta, and Tebu to choose Yudu as the manufacturing base in recent years. With the help of Shenzhen clothing trade fair, Yudu aims to build a front-line position for the docking of Chinese clothing brands with Yudu clothing industry manufacturing base through the strong alliance with Shenzhen clothing industry.

In order to make the fresh and hot fashion trend spread throughout the city, Ou was performed all over the sky in the fashion show of hall 5 Thirteen international fashion shows, including allin's European debut show, WJS's only Jane and top 100 model show, 2017 Longteng elite supermodel competition Shenzhen division, tony&tony's2017 autumn and winter high setting press conference; The "yunshang club · global designer award ceremony" exclusively titled by yunshang Club global fashion online once again led the fashion opening ceremony of Shenzhen Clothing Fair, bringing many world-class fashion designers to show the fashion attraction of original design.

WGSN, the authority of global trend prediction, brought the forum of "mentality decision - Analysis of women's clothing trend in spring and summer 2018"; Pantone, a color authority, brought a lecture on "Muse - Outlook on popular color trends in spring and summer 2018"; Yiyatong, the leading enterprise in the industry's supply chain, brought the forum of "clothing supply chain integration solutions" to integrate advantageous resources and promote the new circulation mode; Saleyun and it giant IBM held the "Summit Forum on building a new retail ecosystem" to help enterprises focus on building a new retail system starting with consumption.

In addition, the "fashion integration • international Futian - 2017 Futian Fashion Night" hosted by the people's Government of Futian District will also bloom on the evening of July 7, leading and promoting the construction of Futian's first-class international central city with fashion industry and fashion culture. On the evening of July 8, the closing ceremony party was jointly held by the Organizing Committee and the people's Government of Yudu County, Jiangxi Province, which will bring the 17th Shenzhen Clothing Fair to a successful conclusion and witness the Chinese clothing industry write a new chapter of the era.